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Nashville Bartenders Services

We offer a number of different options for your events. We haveĀ  worked all over the Nashville area, and even surroundingĀ areas! If there questions that are not answered with the information below make sure to contact us with those questions!


Basic Package

Need more than just the bartender? Do not worry, we have you covered. This package will include the number of expert bartenders necessary, their equipment, garnishes, and Tupperware. The price for this package will vary depending on event type, day, time, hours spent, and numbers of guests.



Just the Bartender

Having a small event where you only need the bartender? Then, this is the package you are looking for. This service will include a qualified bartender capable of preparing the drinks of choice who will take their own equipment. The price for this package will vary depending on the event type, day, time, and hours spent.


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